About Us

Growing up with a name like Tabitha, it was always hard to find things my name on it, and if I did find something it was always spelled incorrectly! So it was always exciting and special when I received a gift that was personalized with my name! 
My obsession with monograms and personalized gifts turned into me starting my own business from home to opening a store in the small town of Tollesboro Kentucky nearly 6 years ago. I was a full time accountant and left the corporate world and started a personalized gift boutique. It was so much more fun than accounting!
We started with just a few gifts like our license plates, keychains, decals and anything vinyl. Over the past years our gift selection has grown and so has our business. Now offering over 450 items in store and online.
Along the way some of our items we've offered were featured on HGTV, inside the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Award gift bags, Americasmart International Gift Show,  2014 Golden Globe Award gift bags, Women’s World Magazine, Etsy's front page, and The Voice Magazine.. 
Personalized gifts are some of the most thoughtful and heartfelt gifts you can give. I still get excited when I see my monogram or name on a gift and I'll always be fan of all things personalized. It never gets old and if it can't get away from me, it's probably getting a monogram...